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12th June, 2014

Crow’s Nest was given the rights to develop the website for Atmadeep, EiSamay’s scholarship programme. Find it here- www.esyoungscholars.com

23rd May, 2014

TEMCO empanelled us with the development of their corporate website. Click to view- www.temcotmt.com

4th April, 2014

Maharashta Times empanelled us to develop their digital property- MT Culture Club . See here - mtcultureclub.com

4th April, 2014

Calcutta Media Institute asked Crow’s Nest to come to manage their social media account and to provide them with other digital solutions.

22nd March, 2014

Times of India gave us the rights to develop the official website for their nation-wide talent hunt contest, Super Pacer. See it here- nbt.superpacer.in

7th March, 2014

TEMCO on the occasion of the launch of its TMT bars, entrusted Crow’s Nest to develop a microsite for them. See here- mainhoonstar.com

1st March, 2014

MP Sultan Ahmed asked Crow’s Nest to maintain his Facebook page during the election campaign to keep his fans and followers updated.

22nd February, 2014

The Times Group roped us in as their digital partner for ‘All Women Bike Rally’, their nation-wide event on the occasion of Women’s Day. We came up with a website and a twitter campaign for the same. Click here to view- womenbikerally.com

13th February, 2014

Crow’s Nest was delegated the rights to cover ET’s Bengal Corporate Awards live, on social media.

6th February, 2014

Maharashtra Times entrusted us to design a Facebook app-‘Mr. & Mrs. Pune’ for them on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

27th January, 2014

Ei Samay in association with Senco Gold, held ‘Deepti’, a beauty pageant in Kolkata, for which we had been brought in as the digital partner. See here- deeptieisamay.com

15th January, 2014

Post Production, a production house with offices in Kolkata and Delhi, empanelled us with the development of their website. Click here to view - www.postproduction.co.in

11th January, 2014

NSHM Knowledge Campus, for the second time in a row entrusts us with the responsibility of taking forward their brand and strengthening it on the digital platform. Click here to view- www.nshm.com

28th December, 2013

Economic Times once again has Crow’s Nest as its digital partner to promote another prized property – ET Bengal Corporate Awards on social media.

20th December, 2013

Sitar Maestro Nishat Khan has roped in Crow’s Nest to fine tune his digital presence by creating and developing his official website.

13th December, 2013

Economic Times roped us in, to monitor their annual debate in the city, ET Debate 2013 on social media.

12th December, 2013

Mileage Advertising, a fellow agency in Kolkata has empanelled Crow’s Nest to develop its website. Click here to view- www.mileageadvertising.in

3rd December, 2013

Padatik Theatre had Crow’s Nest partner them digitally for the second time for the promotion of their in-house production, ‘The Master Builder’ on social media.

4th November, 2013

Padatik Theatre, post their website launch which was developed and designed by Crow’s Nest, delegated the social media rights for their play ‘Atmakatha’ to us.

18th November, 2013

The Kolkata International Film Festival proved to be a great success and their social media page stands strong with a fan base of close to 12500 in less than a week's time!

5th November, 2013

Anurag Kashyap's Large Short Film, That Day After Everyday, the digital promotion of which was being handled by Crow’s Nest, created a record when crossed more than 2 million views within a week of its release and featured on the YouTube homepage on the 3rd day of its release. Click here to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQR6cB1DXzY

30th October, 2013

The Padatik Theatre website goes live and is highly appreciated by the client and theatre personalities.Click here to view the website: www.padatik.co.in

23rd October, 2013

Global Trade Corp, a leather manufacturing company empanelled Crow's Nest for its website duties. Click here to view: www.tradecorpglobal.com

20th October, 2013

The online photo gallery and e-magazine campaign by Ei Samay, designed and developed by Crow's Nest, was one of the pioneer Pujo centric project of its kind. It proved to be a great success story for the brand. Click here to view Ei Samay's Pujo initiative: http://pujoeisamay.com/ The Fb App. for the photography competition was also created by Crow's Nest.

28th September, 2013

Kolkata International Film Festival handovers the digital duties for the logo contest along with the social media for the Kolkata International Film Festival to Crow’s Nest.

8th September, 2013

Pernod Ricard India and Showhouse Events Pvt. Ltd. Take Crow's Nest on board for Large Durga Puja's digital and social media duties.

1st September, 2013

Crow's Nest bags the social media duties of NSHM Skills.

12th August, 2013

Padatik Theatre has empanelled Crow's Nest for its website duties.

10th August, 2013

Ei Samay empanels Crow's Nest for their twin projects of Pujo e-magazine and photography competition.

1st August, 2013

Advatech signs up Crow's Nest to create a micro site for its Air Ambulance services.

25th July, 2013

Intertek ropes in Crow's Nest for their iDRIVE print campaign.

10th July, 2013

Crow's Nest is roped in to develop the website for Alokshikha, an Ei Shomoy initiative. www.alokshikha.com

1st July, 2013

Lightbulb Motion Pictures signs up Crow's Nest to create its website. www.lbmp.in

15th June, 2013

Maharashtra Times empanels Crow's Nest to develop a host of Apps for them.

June 1st, 2013

NSHM Knowledge Campus empanels Crow's Nest to come on board as their Digital Partner.


Architect Anubha Fatehpuria entrusts Crow's Nest with the designing and development of her website. www.anubhafatehpuria.com

15th March 2013

Crow's Nest joins hands with Dollar yet again, as their digital partner for the "Step se step milaa, ek laakh jeet ke dikha" contest. www.bigbosskesaath.com

1st March 2013

Crow's Nest delivers the Tide Water Oil India website. www.tidewaterindia.com

15th February 2013

Crow's Nest joins hands with Atmadeep an Ei Samay initiative, as their digital partner. www.atmadeep.com

1st February 2013

Crow's Nest joins hands with Showhouse India, again to promote Waisi Waali Khushi, a Samar Khan Large Short Film. www.largeshortfilms.com/waisiwaalikhushi

29th December 2012

BengalLeads empanels Crow's Nest for the execution of it's website.

15th December 2012

ITC signs Crow's Nest for the design and packaging of their AVs and animation of their master logo for the Vision Workshop 2013.

2nd December 2012

Crow's Nest managed the digital marketing and social media campaign for the release of "The Last Act", India's First Collaborative Feature Film, A Pernod Ricard India project.

30th November 2012

PanIIT ropes in Crow's Nest for the execution of the AV encapsulating the essence of their annual event.

10th October 2012

Crow's Nest joins hands with Showhouse India yet again for Pernod Ricard India's project Large Durga Pujo, World's First International Durga Pujo Awards.

1st October 2012

Hospitality major Harvey's restaurant empanels Crow's Nest for it's social media campaign.

15 September

SAV Group of Companies signs Crow's Nest for its digital creative duties.

6th July 2012

Crow's Nest joins hands with Showhouse India for Large Short Films, a Pernod Ricard India project.

Samrat Mukherjee, Founder and CEO

Crow’s Nest has been actively involved in designing the digital marketing module for the PGDM in Integrated Marketing Management at CMI. He also happens to be a visiting faculty at a number of media schools and B-schools like CMI, NSHM knowledge campus and IISWBM.

20th June 2012

Veedol signs Crow’s Nest for the design and development of the international and India website.

20th May 2012

We were signed by First Shot Entertainment a Mumbai based company for the design and development of their website. We executed the project successfully. www.firstshotentertainment.com/

15th April 2012

Crow’s Nest Dollar Bigboss se Milo contest turned out to be huge success on social media. Dollar’s fan base grew from a meager 121 to 31000 in just 2 weeks!

1st March 2012

Dollar empanelled Crow’s Nest to execute the Dollar Bigboss se Milo Contest. (http://www.bigbosskesaath.com)

25th January 2012

Crow’s Nest was brought on board by JBL, a renowned bakery in Kolkata, for the design and development of their website. (www.jblacademy.com/)

16 December 2011

The Government of West Bengal has entrusted us to design the website for “Bengal Leads 2011”. We have executed and developed the website (www.bengalleads.com/)

05 December 2011

Advatech Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has summoned Crow’s Nest to redesign their website and handle their Digital activity.

12 November 2011

we have successfully designed and developed the website for "Laptop", a film written and directed by Kaushik Ganguly (www.laptopthemovie.in)

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