Samrat Mukherjee
Founder and CEO

Samrat MukherjeeWith over 20 years of extensive work around all forms of advertising, Samrat is the founder of Crow’s Nest that launched itself as a full service digital agency. With some best of the lot campaigns and consistency in terms of deliveries, he has successfully evolved the agency into a digital media specialist organization. His passion and involvement in the digital media industry helps him push his limits and attain excellence every time. His ability to understand, analyze and rationally differentiate between brands helps him in customizing the communication for each of his clients.

He has led innumerable digital campaigns for various government and non-government clients across India and UK. He is a speaker in various digital sessions.

Manas Adhikari
Design Lead

Manas AdhikariWith over 15 years of varied experience in designing digital communication, Manas happens to be a veteran with the agency. His impeccable understanding of categories and clients clearly flows in his designs making them look great and simple to understand.

Manas happens to be an avid painter and an ardent food lover! So much so that chickens prefer staying away from him.

Saikat Bose
Visualiser/Graphic designer

Saikat BoseA Bachelor in Fine Arts from Rabindra Bharati University, Saikat is a bright, young chap brimming with fresh ideas every day. His designs reflect his core skills that include his impeccable sense of design and a great understanding of his subject.

His willingness to learn new things everyday takes him to exploring uncharted territories. And this only leads to attaining excellence in his designs. Apart from advertising, he loves photography, cinema and painting.

Hiranmoy Pal
Account Manager

Hiranmoy PalA Post Graduate in Integrated Marketing Communication from Calcutta Media Institute & IISWBM, Hiranmoy is an avid ad watcher since childhood and always wanted to join and explore the digital world. Dance is his passion and he happens to be a professional choreographer, attends and conducts workshop across the city.

The much loved and ‘yelled at’ baby at Crow’s Nest lives to dance, eat, travel and watch SRK movies! And when he’s not doing any of the above, he does some client servicing too! And he’s quite commendable in that.